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This won’t be the first time you look for a directory theme, but it will be the last time. Because with Listify you have more than you could ever want or need.

Whether you know it or not, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories.

  • When you buy a house – real estate sites show listings.
  • When you buy a car – car sites show listings.
  • When you pick a restaurant – ratings sites show listings.
  • When you book a vacation – travel sites show listings.

Your site will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest, the problem with most of those sites, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty. It’s why the beautiful ones are so popular, because they match great photography with fantastic functionality.

That’s what we’ve done with Listify.

Get Started Quickly

Want to build a reservation system quickly, We have you covered with integrations to the industry’s best booking services. We support Open Table, Resurva, WooCommerce Bookings currently.

You plug in your account information, and our theme will link up the systems. The result will be the fastest and best-looking reservation site you’ve ever built.

Google Will Love You

Have you noticed that when Google returns searches, sometimes there are ratings next to listings and sometimes there aren’t? We won’t bore you with schema details, but we can tell you that your site, because of the way we’ve coded Listify, will show up the right way. Google will love you, and so will your prospective customers.

Your Revenue Is Waiting for You

Because of the variety of WooCommerce payment gateways and extensions, you could just as easily build:

  • A Gift Certificate Site
  • A Restaurant Guide
  • A Membership / Association Site

The potential is limitless, simply based on what you can imagine.

Powerful Plugin Integration

Let’s talk about all the functionality that you can combine with this theme. The theme integrates with the following plugins right out of the box:

  • Gravity Forms
  • NinjaForms
  • Contact Form 7
  • FacetWP
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension
  • WooCommerce Bookings Extension
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions

To be clear, the theme doesn’t come bundled with these plugins. You’ll have to download them yourself (and some may require a purchase).

What we’ve done, however, is code the theme to support and style the integration with those plugins so that you can add all the functionality you like, while still looking great!

Make money with Listify

Did we mention you could use this to make money?

Before you decide that this is or isn’t the best theme ever, let’s highlight one more way you can make money with this theme.

We’ve already hinted that you could charge for any of the following:

  • Add a listing
  • Claim a listing
  • View a listing
  • Make a reservation
  • Book an appointment
  • Access to the site

But we’ve gone even further to also support ad spaces. So even if you don’t want to charge for anything else, you can still earn ad revenue. Listify is a mix of beauty, functionality, and ease.

This is more than just a pretty theme. It’s more than just a highly functional one. It’s also incredibly easy for end users to enjoy.

  • Let them save a listing with our Bookmarks support
  • Let them search for a listing by a location or zip code
  • Let them view a map of all the local listings
  • Let them create submissions without logging into the admin interface
  • Let them share or visit a listing’s social media sites

And that’s on top of the features and integrations we’ve already mentioned, Like OpenTable, Resurva, WooCommerce Bookings! Build the directory site of your dreams!


Please note: This sale is for the Listify WordPress theme only. In order to take full advantage of the theme additional WordPress plugins are required. Some premium plugins may require additional purchase.


Our demo uses these additional premium plugins:

These plugins are not required for your website to function and only needed if you require the additional functionality provided. To read more about why these plugins are not bundled with the theme check out these articles regarding the issue.

Changelog & Update History

Suggest your ideas for the future of the theme and see our product RoadMap:

= 2.4.6: March 16, 2018 =

  • New: Further WooCommere 3.3.0 improvements.
  • New: Display more helpful result counts on listing page. 47 Results Found (Showing 1-25)
  • New: Enhanced timezone select for business hours timezone.
  • Fix: Only use parallax scrolling on large devices.
  • Fix: Update blog author card microdata.
  • Fix: Do not show bookable product booking form on listing preview.
  • Fix: Update blog author microdata.

= 2.4.6: February 22, 2018 =

  • Fix: Use same rounding on listing card and listing page.
  • Fix: Always recalculate listing ratings when a new review is added.
  • Fix: Company logo RTL support.
  • Fix: OpenTable booking iFrame.
  • Fix: Add microdata back to listing breadcrumbs.
  • Fix: Remove limit on author recent listings widget.
  • Fix: Fill all location fields during autolocation.
  • Fix: Disable autopan on mobile devices.
  • Fix: select2 max-height when no options are available.
  • Fix: Do not show irrelevant listings on Related Listings widget.
  • Fix: Company logo overflow on Safari.

= 2.4.5: January 24, 2018 =

  • New: WooCommerce 3.3.0 compatibility.
  • Fix: Ensure marker clustering works with FacetWP.
  • Fix: Avoid marker overlaying on each other in Safari.
  • Fix: Use the same layout for blog index, archives, and search.
  • Fix: More consistent appearance for secondary images on listing page.
  • Fix: Ensure Register link shows below WooCommerce login form.
  • Fix: Ensure image grid widget can show image for all taxonomy types.

= 2.4.4: December 29, 2017 =

  • Fix: Update jQuery deprecated .isResolved() function.
  • Fix: Ensure Image Grid widget only picks images from active listings.
  • Fix: Logo markup for JSON-LD.
  • Fix: Avoid using login popup on irrelevant links.
  • Fix: Do not escape HTML in Feature Callout widget.
  • Fix: Adjust logic for outputting the secondary image upload on submission form depending on customizer settings.

= 2.4.3: December 9, 2017 =

  • Fix: Allow HTML in Features widget description.

= 2.4.2: December 6, 2017 =

  • Fix: WordPress coding standards.
  • Fix: Open/Close date calculation edge-cases.
  • Fix: Polylang support for homepage search filters.
  • Fix: Always bump asset file versions.
  • Fix: Ensure timepicker library is enqueued in admin.
  • Fix: Automatic ThemeForest updater PHP error.

= 2.4.1: October 31, 2017 =

  • Fix: Avoid loading FacetWP assets when not needed.
  • Fix: Ensure WooCommerce Social Login appears when needed.
  • Fix: Ensure Reset link resets region and sorting.

= 2.4.1: October 27, 2017 =

  • Fix: Avoid loading FacetWP assets when not needed.
  • Fix: Ensure WooCommerce Social Login appears when needed.
  • Fix: Ensure Reset link resets region and sorting.

= 2.4.0: October 27, 2017 =

  • New: Choose how many columns to display Listing Cards in. Visit Appearance > Customize > Search Page.
  • New: Choose how many columns to display Listing Cards in individual widgets. Visit Appearance > Widgets.
  • New: Beaver Builder page template. Allow page to be designed with Beaver Builder modules (does not include any custom modules).
  • New: Limit “Listings” widget to a specific region.
  • New: Limit “Listings” widget to specific listings.
  • New: Embed a listing using oEmbed on oEmebed-consuming websites.
  • New: Separate “Autofit” setting to set a default loading center but still show all active pins.
  • New: Private Message support on author archives.
  • Fix: Listing gallery navigation on mobile.
  • Fix: Properly reset location field when clicking “Reset” on filters.
  • Fix: Page header height on blog and shop.
  • Fix: Do not ouput gallery widget if there are no images and current user cannot upload.
  • Fix: Do not show “Locate Me” option when map is hidden, using Mapbox, or site does not have SSL.
  • Fix: FacetWP 3.x support and optimizations.
  • Fix: Do not round ratings to whole numbers.
  • Fix: FacetWP + Map Hero homepage appearance.
  • Fix: Remove wordbreaks in iOS Safari.
  • Fix: Correctly calculate open/close status for next-day business hours.

= 2.3.4: October 7, 2017 =

  • Fix: Avoid PHP error in customizer when updating search filters.
  • Fix: Listing author avatar size.
  • Fix: Outline button style when choosing a package.
  • Fix: Ensure “Region” can only be selected as a filter if plugin is still active.

= 2.3.3: September 22, 2017 =

  • Fix: Best/Worst rating filter.
  • Fix: Show listing as open when set to 24 hours.
  • Fix: Secondary image overflow on single listing.
  • Fix: Remove display restrictions on the Call to Action widget.
  • Fix: Remove invalid ::selection CSS.

= 2.3.2: September 14, 2017 =

  • Fix: Check for registration setting when overriding registration URL.
  • Fix: Do not rely on javascript to set the default star rating.
  • Fix: Force default to numbered pagination on [jobs] shortcode.
  • Fix: Sign In button during submission when using “Outline” button style.
  • Fix: Widget description output on widgetized pages.
  • Fix: Update secondary image display for small/non-square images.

= 2.3.1: September 5, 2017 =

  • Fix: Ensure homepage hero content is output.
  • Fix: Improve map marker active pin trigger.
  • Fix: Do not output an application button if no application method is available.

= 2.3.0: September 1, 2017 =

  • New: Use popup login form for all login links.
  • New: Private Message popup support for “Contact” button.
  • New: Animate marker for listing card on hover.
  • New: Show dropdown area on multiselect fields.
  • New: Social profiles no longer require WooCommerce.
  • Fix: “Search this Location” radius amount.
  • Fix: Valid HTML for homepage widget descriptions.
  • Fix: Show “No Results Found” with no results in FacetWP.
  • Fix: Ensure no HTML is output in “Get Directions” form.
  • Fix: “Sign In” link on WPJM sign in form.
  • Fix: Lock Google Maps script to version 3.28.

= 2.2.2: August 15, 2017 =

  • Fix: Checks for invalid time objects in Business hours.
  • Fix: Update rating average when deleting a comment.
  • Fix: Ensure “Avatar” is the default secondary image type.
  • Fix: Check package ID on pricing template.
  • Fix: Avoid outputting “0 Favorites” in OpenGraph tags.

= 2.2.1: August 14, 2017 =

  • Fix: Page 2 results when using “Search This Location”
  • Fix: Hide “Search This Location” when using Region filter.
  • Fix: Listing Paymens 2.2.1 compatibility.
  • Fix: Move Reviews widget title to top.
  • Fix: Do not output comments widget when no comments exist.
  • Fix: Ensure “Reset” and “RSS” links output when enabled.
  • Fix: Use jetpack_is_mobile() when available.
  • Fix: Do not show all favorites on author profile when no favorites exist.

= 2.2.0: August 9, 2017 =

  • New: “Search this Location” button when browsing the results map.
  • New: Better “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce” support.
  • New: Display rating stars on marker informational popup.
  • New: Display open/close status on marker informational popup.
  • New: Update initial submission package selection step to match Pricing page template.
  • Fix: Show “Results Found” when using FacetWP.
  • Fix: JSON-LD improvements.
  • Fix: Ensure autosuggest returns only addresses.
  • Fix: Ensure homepage hero map is not hidden on mobile.
  • Fix: Allow Social Profiles widget to be added to author archive widget areas.
  • Fix: Allow unsetting of default center coordinate in map settings.
  • Fix: Reviews for WP Job Manager JSON-LD.
  • Fix: Open/Close status when close time is the next day.

= 2.1.1: July 21, 2017 =

  • Fix: Default center location on map.
  • Fix: Remove sort by rating when using Reviews. Will be added when Reviews 2.0 is released.
  • Fix: Use Chosen dropdown on category filter.
  • Fix: Margin on location/region filter when multiple categories are enabled.
  • Fix: Open/Close status when using 24 hour format.

= 2.1.0: July 20, 2017 =

  • New: Listify now requires PHP version 5.3 or above. Please contact your web host if you need to upgrade.
  • New: The “Business Hours” widget now shows if the business is closed or open.
  • New: Additional settings for the “Page: Listings” widget.
  • New: Add sorting options for results. Sort by date, rating, and more.
  • New: Remove business names from location autocomplete suggestions.
  • New: Add listifygetgooglemapsapi_key() function for filterable API key options.
  • New: Add Listify version number to page source.
  • New: Allow Listing Labels to be used in the Image Grid widget.
  • New: Attempt to validate the default center coordinate for map settings.
  • New: More stable Content Importer.
  • Fix: Favorite and review icon colors when no featured image is set on a single listing.
  • Fix: Only display rating on map marker popup if enabled.
  • Fix: Output social login buttons on all login forms.
  • Fix: Gallery comments background color.
  • Fix: Potential issue parsing video shortcode for the homepage.
  • Fix: Ensure blog with no sidebar displays 3 columns of posts.
  • Fix: Always show review count on single listing hero.
  • Fix: Respect the default mobile view for the search page.
  • Fix: “Filter by Region” dropdown arrow. Update to Regions 1.14.0
  • Fix: Mega menu toggle on mobile devices.

= 2.0.5: June 30, 2017 =

  • Fix: Ensure multiple “Recent Listing” widgets can be used on the same page.
  • Fix: Add filter to JSON+LD data.
  • Fix: Missing closing HTML tag on single blog posts.
  • Fix: Minimum canvas height for listing map.
  • Fix: Update address format for Brasil.
  • Fix: Respect “Open in new window/tab” for listings.

= 2.0.4: June 29, 2017 =

  • Fix: Ensure reviews do not try to divide by 0.
  • Fix: Restore legacy WooCommerce filter for address formats.
  • Fix: Ensure comments have an anchor for the page jump.
  • Fix: Restore avatar functionality for WP User Avatar plugin.
  • Fix: Ensure Reviews can be output on a single listing.
  • Fix: Fix widget names (regression in 2.0.3)
  • Fix: Resizing issues when viewing the map with a fixed header.

= 2.0.3: June 29, 2017 =

What we did in this release: Fixed what needed fixing and squished some bugs. Have fun!

  • Fix: Restrictions on “Page” widgets—can appear on any page.
  • Fix: Ensure Gravatar URL properly locates avatar.
  • Fix: New “Parent ID” allows a setting of 0 to show only top level terms in Image Grid widget.
  • Fix: Ensure FacetWP sorting options are output.
  • Fix: Ensure map bounds are properly reset when updating search filters so all pins are visible.
  • Fix: Ensure all listings are returned in proper proximity order under all circumstances.
  • Fix: Avoid PHP error in listing card avatar.
  • Fix: Recent listings widget can now be randomized to avoid having to use the [jobs] shortcode.
  • Fix: String updates for WP Job Manager 1.26+
  • Fix: Ensure Listing Label icons can be set in the customizer.
  • Fix: Ensure “Recent Listings” widget on author profile only includes current author.
  • Fix: Ensure category dropdown on homepage uses “Chosen” dropdown when available.
  • Fix: Avoid polluting the global query when using the Related Listings widget.
  • Fix: Send short country format to address formatting function.
  • Fix: Allow set categories to be chosen in the “Recent Listings” widget.

= 2.0.2: June 27, 2017 =

  • Fix: Ensure “Locate Me” always appears on the homepage.
  • Fix: Do not restrict “Listing Search” to homepage only.
  • Fix: Ensure selected categories


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