Website design package in TheMakeWebsite

Compatible with all devices

Make sure your Website is mobile friendly with a responsive design with mobile preference. TheMakeWebsite will provide you with innovative and highly adaptable web design solutions

Fast website speed

Websites load within seconds. Our speed-optimized theme designs make your website load within three seconds.

Possibility to rank high in Google results

We'll help you increase your website's visibility with our SEO optimized custom designs. Website at TheMakeWebsite is one of the most SEO friendly platforms with optimized website code and structure.

Website design process at TheMakeWebsite

Discovery + User Research - Get to know you (and your users)

Our goal is to start researching your users as early as possible. This may involve talking to your customers, creating or analyzing quantitative research such as surveys, or performing user testing on an existing website.

Strategy - Visualizing a website means business

During the strategic planning process, an experienced website strategist collaborates with UX, design, and content experts to conduct research, identify challenges and opportunities, and deliver offer. At the end of the phase, we present a strategic document that guides you through creating a website and setting the tone for your project.


The first key that can be distributed is the sitemap, which displays the structure and hierarchy of the site's pages. Next up is the wireframe - a low-fidelity black and white design that demonstrates the basic structure of each page template. These products are backed by as much user research as possible - we're passionate about bringing our concepts to our users to test and refine them.

Design - Bring your website to life

Some of our clients have strict brand guidelines, while others are looking for guidance on how to define or reimagine their brands - we are all comfortable working. with both.

Products delivered to the design stage are full-color models of each pattern, built on wire frames created during the planning process. Fully responsive design is non-negotiable, we tailor it to desktops, mobile devices and tablets, optimizing every element and interactivity for each device.