Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a really popular way to make money online

Our affiliate website becomes a powerful coupon site that helps you earn affiliate commissions through coupon codes, coupons, coupons, and promotional coupons.

Feedback works well on any resolution on mobile and mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Androids, and Blackberrys.

Basically, affiliate marketing means promoting your products and services to other companies on your website. When people buy what you are promoting, you will receive commissions. It’s so simple.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money by introducing people to buy online items. More and more companies are beginning to use this form of marketing to reward affiliates to create website visitors to their business. Affiliates are only paid when sales are completed so this is a very cost effective tool.

PC World, for example, pays 5% commissions per visitor to a branch that recommends shoppers. Even though it’s a small commission, links can benefit from PC World brand awareness, which often results in revenue being generated regularly.

Commissions fluctuate around 1% for established retailers, up to 75% for some digital products. The health and beauty market is one of the heaviest affiliate companies, with an average commission rate of about 30%.

Works with affiliate systems like Zanox, Linkshare,, Ebay, Amazon, CJ, Radius Impact, Shareasale, Affiliate WIndow, Tradedoubler, Optimizedmedia, Flipkart, etc.). Easily create websites that compare prices, reviews, monetize content, and more.

How do I become a branch?

Becoming a very simple affiliate and although each program may have its own criteria for approval, they are often free to join and have no prerequisite.

The best way to find the right brand to advertise is simply by using a search engine using: ‘[Brand] + Affiliate Program’. Some companies run affiliate programs internally, however this is a very specialized field. As a result, most companies that choose to use an ‘affiliate network’ have built up a large number of branches and have had years of experience in running successful programs for their clients.

When you purchase our affiliate website, we will provide a list of affiliate network programs that you can register for free!

Affiliate Plans:

Affiliate Marketing

Different layouts for offers: grid, column, slider, wheelchair, row

SEO is built

CMS Admin Area

Generate codes, coupons, coupons, and promotional offers

Specify the expiration date

Integrated contact / inquiry form

The domain name you choose – depending on availability

1 year high speed secure storage business

Email account

Optimize design and coding for maximum conversions on the web

Cross browser and compatible device

Technical support and assistance

Compare prices or products with prices updated dynamically

Compare products

Full content management allows you to update your site yourself

Evaluation with extensive user reviews and panel builders, top rating builders

Social Media Links

Online site statistics

Plus more ………

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